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Selecting the proper phase converter is an important step towards trouble free set-ups. Sizing the appropriate phase converter for hard, medium, soft starting loads, as well as resistive and voltage sensitive loads, or for special applications is an integral part of the evaluation process. Accommodating such specific requirements can ensure optimum performance of your equipment without compromise and achieving your expansion objectives at limited cost.

To determine the size of the converter needed for the intended application careful consideration must be given to the following variables.

  • Equipment type and brand name (Domestic or Foreign)
  • HP name plate rating and/or amperage draw
  • Voltage requirements: 208V, 220V, 240V, 550V, 575V, 600V

Other factors such as single phase dedicated utility amperage available in house is essential. Insufficient single phase amperage can limit or restrict the use of larger units. In order to determine the single phase amperage needed to operate the designated 3-phase equipment simply ad your equipments’ total amperage draw and multiply the total by two, your result will determine the single phase amperage required to power one or an entire fleet of 3-Phase equipment.

Load Types

Motor Loads

 The Phase-Quest Rotary converter powers induction motors rated at ¾HP to 70HP.

Several variables must be considered when selecting the unit for each application. In some cases over sizing the Phase-Quest Rotary converter is necessary to satisfy the equipments initial motor load during start-up. Scaling up the converters HP to a greater value then that of the equipments actual motor rating will ensure trouble free service high torque starting loads require special attention in that area, e.g. Compressor, punch press etc. In order to simplify the selection process enlisted is a comprehensive list of load to size data.

Resistive Loads

There are two methods to determine the HP of the converter to be used. One method is to take the amperage rating of the equipment and divide by 2.8 to find the equivalent HP. The other method is to take the KW rating and multiply times 1.34 or divide by .75 to find the equivalent HP of the equipment.

Transformer Loads and Welders

Transformers and electric equipment (welders, lasers, EDM machines, CNC equipment, computers, plating rectifiers, power supplies, etc.) can operate on the Rotary Converter. Use the same formula as for resistive loads to determine the proper size converter to use or call us for assistance.

Special Applications

Equipment designed to operate intermittently are described as unattended applications e.g.: Freezers, coolers, pumps etc.In such cases our phase converters are designed to include automatic controls features to accommodate the various service intervals. An example to consider is the pressure switch device combined with the phase converter which controls the input /output intervals of a compressor.

Utility Services on Premises

An equally important factor to consider when converting single phase to three phase power is to determine the actual amount of single phase power currently available on premises supplied by the utility company. Add all anticipated 3-phase current (amperage) and multiply the total by 2.15 to convert to single phase this will enable you to size the amount of service required.