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The Phase-Quest Co. offers a cost effective reliable source of 3-Phase power from a single phase line to anyone who prefers the handling and versatility 3-phase powered equipment offers. Throughout the years Phase Quest Co. has developed and improved our rotary phase converters product division with intent on offering a practical and effective solution without burden or compromise.

We understand the importance of maintaining a competitive edge. Increased productivity while reducing operating costs has always been a winning formula for successful companies. The advantage is yours to keep, at Phase Quest Co. will address your electrical power needs once and for all so you don’t have to.

We manufacture and distribute a wide range of Phase Converters designed to generate 3-Phase power in remote rural and residential areas alike. Our expertise lies primarily in areas related to Rotary and Static Phase Converters. We offer reliable factory tested equipment and add to that dimension our ability to stand by our products with confidence so you can too. We offer the best possible recommendation for your growing Three Phase needs.

Our Phase-Quest Rotary Converters are designed with superior operating characteristics, such as high starting torque capability, low starting current, and a high efficiency rating. They are indispensable in areas where three phase power is required but not often available through the utility company power supply. In such cases our phase converters fulfill those requirements by generating 3-phase power from a single phase line. Phase-Quest Converters provide balanced 3-phase power the moment the equipment is on duty. Our Rotary Phase Converters Models are suited to satisfy a variety of light, general, and heavy-duty service for commercial, and industrial type equipment ranging from 220V to 600V with an emphasis on achieving operable efficiency resulting in greater shelf life.

Phase-Quest Converters can satisfy multi-motor applications up to three times (3x) the converter’s rated power e.g.: Converter rated at 10Hp will operate three phase motors with a combined load of 30Hp (multiple motors).

Selecting the appropriate Phase Converter for the application is vital to the operability, efficiency, and longevity of any equipment to be powered using 3-phase conversion technology.

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