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Rotary Phase Converter Benefits

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Our Rotary Phase Converters are designed especially for running 3-Phase induction and resistive loads from single- phase 220V power to an equivalent 3-Phase output.

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Our Rotary Phase Converters can handle multi-motor loads up to 3 times their name plate rating thus facilitating the conversion of an entire workshop with one unit.

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All our Rotary Phase Converter control panels are warranted against manufacturer defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year.

Rotary Phase Converter Sizing

Rotary phase converter sizing

Three load categories need to be considered when selecting a Rotary Phase Converter: soft, medium, or hard starting equipment. Another simple method for sizing would be to determine the largest HP range to be applied along with combined multi motor start-ups. Example: For sizing a pivot style irrigation system rated at 20HP with 10 towers each equipped with 1HP motors the total combined motor load suggests selecting an OMPQ30/90 Rotary Model.

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Video Explaining Rotary Phase Converters

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How Rotary Phase Converters Work

Phase Quest Inc. specializes in converting Single Phase electrical power to Three Phase electrical power. The diagram below provides a very simple view of the layout.
An additional 3-phase breaker panel may be installed on the line between the converter control panel and the 3-phase equipment. This is recommended to protect each piece of equipment and the wire that feeds that equipment.

How Rotary Phase Converters Work


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Epscan Industries

We Set-up multiple parallel rotary converter systems in our customers oilfield and have saved thousands avoiding the local utility 3-phase power expansion cost.
our happy customers

Ashburn Tool & Die

Ashburn turned to Phase Quest who provided us with the OMPQ-50 model converter, we run 3 to 5 machine tool equipment at any given time throughout the day ....
our happy customers

Arial Simpson, A&S Woodworking Ltd.

Our CNC Router vendor recommended Phase Quest. They immediately identified the proper converter for our application and we have been generation high...