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Rotary Converters Designed especially for running 3-Phase induction and resistive loads from single- phase 220V power to an equivalent 3-Phase output. The Rotary type Converters can handle multi-motor loads up to 3 times their name plate rating thus facilitating the conversion of an entire workshop from single to a 3-Phase power with one rotary unit at affordable cost. RUN 3-PHASE MOTORS AT FULL HP RATED CAPACITY. Converter Selection Determining the maximum start-up load as well as the running amperage load of the equipment intended for use will enable the proper selection of the rotary converter and meet an performing requirements. Three categories are also to be considered during the process of selection ; soft , medium, or hard starting equipment. Each category will impact the size of the Rotary Converter , heavily loaded equipment usually consists of pumps, blowers, compressors, etc . Another simple method for sizing would be to determine the largest HP range to be applied along with combined multi motor start-ups. Example: For sizing a pivot style irrigation system rated at 20HP with 10 towers each equipped with 1HP motors the total combined motor load suggests selecting an OMPQ30/90 Rotary Model. When sizing for an application refer to the web page entitled "converter sizing" at  or contact a representative. CAUTION: Follow instruction diagram provided during installation Reliable continuous  or  intermittent  service A pplied to indoor or outdoor applications Includes power fa ilure protective feature Simple Hook-up includes comprehensive instructions. One year warranty coverage against manufacturing defects We ship nation wide and accept all major Credit Cards and PayPal